Special Solutions for SMEs

QNB Finansbank

Having received a World Bank-funded "SME Development and Export Promotion Loan" from the Industrial Development Bank of Turkey, our company has been among the first factoring companies to have ever extended loans to exporting SMEs.

As QNB Finansfaktoring, we will keep on supporting SMEs with all our might. We offer financial consultancy services for SMEs intending to achieve a lasting, sustainable and profitable growth so that they have a larger share from the finance sector and enjoy the opportunity of uninterrupted energy and uninterrupted cash flow

Driven by our wide range of branches and quick and effective solutions:


--We support your working capital through financing services,

--We provide intelligence on your existing and new customers as part of our collection management service. We stand by SMEs while they do business under uncertain market conditions and help them keep selling both in Turkey and abroad safely

--Tapping into our experience, we analyze their needs and offer a tailored set of solutions in numerous industries from healthcare and tourism to construction.

--With our Supply Financing project, SMEs can quickly access financing by only assigning their invoices to QNB Finansfaktoring, without the need for other payment instruments. This product enables the main company buying goods/services and all its suppliers to benefit from collection, guarantee and financing services within the factoring products group. Thereby, an SME with a high-quality receivable avoids the burden of seeking loans and other collaterals to raise working capital and can easily finance itself in return for its receivables. While the main company aligns supplier payments with its cash flow, suppliers do not need other payment instruments as they can get financing by assigning their invoices.