Export Factoring

QNB Finansbank

Export Factoring

This is a factoring model where the exporter receives either or all of intelligence, guarantee, collection and financing services for the invoices issued to their buyers residing overseas.


Guarantee Service: Means the guaranteeing of the assigned accounts receivable by the factoring company and/or correspondent factoring company up to the limit allocated to the buyer against the risk of the buyer's insolvency or bankruptcy.

Collection and Receivable Management –Means monitoring and collection of the accounts receivable and providing reports to the seller.


Financing Service: Means advance payment of a certain proportion of the assigned receivables to the seller before maturity within the limits determined by the factoring company.

Benefits of Export Factoring

Exporters are able to:

Access reliable intelligence helping them have up-to-date information on the buyer's financial power and creditworthiness in the market.

Enter new markets without risks.

Have an efficient cash flow, and increase their sales.

Have a more liquid balance sheet thanks to irrevocable assignment of accounts receivable.

Benefit from reduced workload thanks to collection and receivable management.

Import Factoring

Import Factoring is a service where the factoring company allocates a guarantee limit to the importer when overseas suppliers request a guarantee for importers located in Turkey.