Why QNB Finans Factoring?

QNB Finansbank

Why, QNB Finansfaktoring?

As QNB Finans Faktoring, we are with you whenever you need, with our reliable, experienced and dynamic staff, strong capital structure, wide product range, digital applications, fast and effective solutions for your needs, and extensive branch network.

QNB Finans Faktoring gives you;

It provides support with the reliability of our strong capital structure.

Provides effective and fast solution generation for your needs.

Provides regular cash flow.

It increases the competitive power of the vendors and enables them to enter new markets.

Receivables are managed by our experts.

Saves time and money.

It increases the credit worthiness.

It saves you money by preventing excessive use of resources and

Provides easy accessibility with our wide branch network and digital applications.

Creates alternative resources.

Keeps the economy under record.

Provides the opportunity to find a place in new markets with full collection guarantee.

Payment is made at maturity by tracking foreign receivables with correspondents.

The exporter company does not experience language and legal problems in the country it exports to.

Safe sales opportunity is obtained.