Benefits of Factoring

QNB Finansbank

Enables sustainable, profitable and permanent growth with the entire range of the products and services it offers.

Turns your receivables into cash.

Makes your sales easy and secure.

Allows the seller to have a more liquid balance sheet as a result of the reduction in receivables and payables, and creates more working capital.

Reduces potential costs as a result of purchase of raw materials in cash, thereby, increases production efficiency and profitability.

Companies increase competitiveness,, expand their market share, and improve quality standards, thanks to the deferred payment facility granted to buyers,

Saves time and money as follow-up and collection processes are carried out by the factoring company.

Informs you on the creditworthiness of your buyers, and help you avoid selling goods to risky buyers thanks to the inquiry and guarantee service

Exporters enter new overseas markets with less risk thanks to the guarantee service

Businesses can expand their market share by transferring buyer risks in overseas markets to the factor.

Eliminates communication problems likely to occur between buyer and seller. Potential disputes are solved by the factor in its own country in the languages of the countries of the buyer and the seller.